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Mar 3, 2013 6:00am PST
suffocating law making. posing that question to the two lawmakers leading party election efforts in the house, congressman steve israel and greg walden. >>> and the stock market soars to new highs while income plummets to one of the deepest declines in 20 years. our plan weighs in on the two economies. i'm candy crowley and this is state of the union. mitch mcconnell will join me in a moment. first we want to take you to just outside tampa, florida where demolition is under way to the home where the sinkhole formed killing the owner of the house, jeff bush. authorities made the decision to stop searching for bush who was swallowed up by the 600 foot sinkhole thursday night. we will keep following you this story and bring you updates throughout the hour. >>> back to the top story, more than a year to work things out, hours before mandatory budget cuts were triggered, the president called democrats and republicans to the white house, his first bipartisan leadership meeting since december. the meeting led up to expectation but nothing happened. no ongoing negotiations. if you have visions of som
Mar 3, 2013 9:00am PST
we promised the american people we would in a law the president signed a year and a half ago. we said we're open to discussing how to reconfigure those spending reductions without raising taxes. >> keeping the top line. >> the president seems to be not interested in reducing this amount of spending even though he signed the bill a year and a half ago. >> yet we are -- >> we think it's important to the american people to keep this commitment. we're willing to do it. we're willing to talk about reconfiguring the same spending over the next several months. american people say, gee, i've had to cut my budget more than this probably on numerous occasions over the past four years because we've had such a tepid economy for four long years. i think they expect us to keep the commitment we made. >> so we are told that the president has called in recent days since your meeting with him on friday some republicans and democrats he thinks are willing to look at tax revenues on the side of sequestration to get rid of these automatic budget cuts. i'm going to assume you are not one of the republican
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2